Improved Tires

This completely new tire for twin-installation has been specifically designed for heavyweight mobile cranes of up to 22 tons. So far, most of the machines rest on retreated tires. New TREXCAVATOR is the first tire ever specifically designed for this segment.
Trexcavator is produced at a load index of 158A8 instead of 154A8 and can thus bear 4000 kg more than existing tires.
Trexcavator is mounted to 9.00 x 22.5 Trex rims.      
Trexcavator provides an additional anti-break layer to protect the tires from impact breaks suffered e.g. from driving on bumpy roads or across obstacles.      

These properties = quality:
Reinforced sidewalls, the additional anti-break layer and the 9.00 x 22.5 rims provide Trexcavator with high stability, which is particularly important with heavyweight cranes. Trexcavator has been equipped with a high-quality OTR-rubber component to ensure an extended useful life.

TREXCAVATOR‘S integrated guard ring IPR® hast wo functions:
The tires are not in contact with each other. As a result, there is clearly less friction at the lateral edges and the tires won’t rub against each other.
The protective edge is located 5 cm below the tread level. Any ingress of sand or stone in between the tires is thus prevented.

Tapered bypass studs additionally provide for increased traction and more stability. Ideal soil unloading and reduced entrenching result in optimal traction.   

Another important outcome of producing fully new tires is the achievement of significantly higher load-bearing capacities. For its user, this tire furthermore offers the advantage of a clearly extended useful life.